Trend Micro Smart Protection

Trend Micro™smart protection is a next-generation cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to protect customers from security risks and web threats. It powers both local and hosted solutions to protect users whether they are on the network, at home, or on the go, using light-weight agents to access its unique in-the-cloud correlation of email, web and file reputation technologies, as well as threat databases. Customers’ protection is automatically updated and strengthened as more products, services, and users access the network, creating a real-time neighborhood watch protection service for its users.

By incorporating in-the-cloud reputation, scanning, and correlation technologies, the Trend Micro smart protection solutions reduce reliance on conventional pattern file downloads and eliminate the delays commonly associated with desktop updates.

Smart Protection Services

Smart protection services include:

  • File Reputation Services: File Reputation Services off-loads a large number of anti-malware signatures that were previously stored on agent endpoints to smart protection sources.

  • Web Reputation Services: Web Reputation Services allows local smart protection sources to host URL reputation data that were previously hosted solely by Trend Micro. Both technologies ensure smaller bandwidth consumption when updating patterns or checking a URL's validity.

    For details, see Web Reputation.

  • Smart Feedback: Trend Micro continues to harvest information sent from Trend Micro products worldwide to proactively determine each new threat.

    For details, see Smart Feedback.

Smart Protection Sources

File Reputation Services and Web Reputation Services are delivered through smart protection sources, namely, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and Smart Protection Servers.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a globally scaled, Internet-based, infrastructure and is intended for users who do not have immediate access to their corporate network.

Smart Protection Servers are for users who have access to their local corporate network. Local servers localize smart protection services to the corporate network to optimize efficiency.