Uninstalling the Security Agent

  1. Obtain the Security Agent uninstallation package (tmsmuninstall.zip) from the Apex One (Mac) server. On the Apex One (Mac) web console, navigate to Agents > Agent Setup and click the link under Agent Uninstallation File.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To uninstall the Security Agent from an endpoint, copy and then launch the uninstallation package on the endpoint.

      • If prompted, type the uninstallation password.

      • (For macOS 11.0 only) Click Continue to remove the system extensions.

    • To silently uninstall the Security Agent from more than one endpoint and an uninstallation password is required, perform the following tasks:
      1. Click Show Instruction.

      2. Type the uninstallation password.

      3. Click Generate Token.

        The system generates and displays the password token on the screen.

      4. Click the icon to copy the generated token.

      5. Type the following command with the generated token to deploy the unintallation package.

        sudo ./TMUninstallLauncher.app/Contents/MacOS/TMUninstallLauncher --uninstall -token [password token]

Unregister the Security Agent from the server.

  1. On the web console, click Agent Management and select the Security Agent that was uninstalled.

  2. Click Manage Agent Tree > Remove Group/Agent.