Agent Installation Methods and Setup Files


Before installing Security Agents:

  • Ensure that agent endpoints can communicate with the server through port 443

  • Ensure that endpoints can access *

  • If required, configure agent proxy server settings

You can install the Security Agent using one of the following ways:

  • Install on a single endpoint by launching the installation package ( on the endpoint

  • Install on several endpoints by deploying an operating system image that includes the Security Agent. After installation, the Security Agent automatically registers to the Apex One (Mac) server.

Obtain the necessary agent installation package from the Apex One (Mac) server and copy it to the endpoint.

On the Apex One (Mac) web console, navigate to Agents > Agent Setup Files and click a link under Agent Installation File.


The links to the Security Agent uninstallation packages are also available on this screen. Use these packages to remove the Security Agent program from endpoints. Choose the package according to the version of the Security Agent program that you wish to remove.

For information on uninstalling the Apex One (Mac) Security Agent, see Security Agent Uninstallation.