Accessing the Console Flyover

The Console Flyover will open when hovering your mouse pointer over the connection icon on the top right of the Apex One (Mac) console.

The following table lists the Console Flyover icons and their meanings:

Table 1. Console Flyover Icons





Connected to the Apex One (Mac) server

Not connected to the Apex One (Mac) server, but real-time scan is still running. The pattern file may not be up to date. On the main console, click Update to start a manual update.



  • Internal: Connected to the Apex One (Mac) server

  • External: Not directly connected to the Apex One (Mac) server

Smart Scan

Smart Scan is enabled with connection to a local Smart Protection server.

Smart Scan enabled with connection to Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

Unable to connect to the Scan Server or Smart Protection Network; protection is reduced as Security Agents are unable to send scan queries.


Verify that the Smart Scan service is running and that Security Agent endpoints are connected to the Apex One (Mac) server.

Smart Scan is disabled. Using Conventional Scan

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