Performing an Advanced Search of the Product Directory

Apex Central allows you to search the Product Directory for managed product entity names, domains, and endpoints using partial string matching. You can also perform advanced searches on folder objects to locate specific objects using Boolean operators.


After performing a search, any matches appear in a new folder under the Search Result node of the Product Directory tree.

  1. Go to Directories > Products.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Select a folder in the Product Directory tree to search.

    The advanced search feature only searches within the selected folder and all subfolders. You cannot perform a search within the Search Result folder.

  3. Click Advanced Search.

    The Advanced Search screen appears.

  4. In the Match drop-down, select from the following:
    • All of the criteria

    • Any of the criteria

  5. Specify your filtering criteria.
    • The available criteria, operators, and values change depending on the products registered to Apex Central and the previous filtering selections.

    • Apex Central supports up to 20 filtering criteria for searches.

  6. To add or remove search conditions, click the buttons to the right of the search criteria.
  7. Click Search.

    Managed products that match the search criteria appear in the Search Result folder in the Product Directory tree.