Configuring Proxy Settings for Managed Products

Apex Central allows you to use a proxy server to connect to managed products on an internal network. After configuring proxy server settings for a managed product, enable the proxy server connection for specific managed servers.


You can only use one proxy server for all managed servers of the same managed product type.

  1. Go to Directories > Product Servers.

    The Product Servers screen appears.

  2. Select a product from the Server Type drop-down list.

    A list of registered managed servers appears.

  3. Click Proxy Settings.

    The Proxy Settings screen appears.

  4. Select one of the following protocols:
    • HTTP

    • SOCKS 5

  5. Specify the following fields:
    • Server: Type the server name, FQDN, or IPv4 address of the proxy server

    • Port: Type the port number that the proxy server uses for client connections

  6. If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the following credentials:
    • User name

    • Password

  7. Click Save.
  8. To enable the proxy server connection:
    1. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column for the managed server you want to edit.

      The Edit Server screen appears.

    2. Select the Use a proxy server for the connection check box in the Connection section.
    3. Click Save.