Cloud Service Integration

Apex Central supports the following cloud services and features.


If your Customer Licensing Portal account services are already registered to another Apex Central server and you choose to change to the current Apex Central console, you will no longer receive log data or be able to sign into any existing cloud services from the other Apex Central console.


Supported Features

Cloud App Security

  • Apex Central only supports email correlation in Cloud App Security for Threat Investigations.

    Threat Investigations on Apex Central can correlate information from Endpoint Sensor, Cloud App Security, and Active Directory to display attack information about an endpoint, user account, and possible email attack vectors throughout your network.

    For more information, see Threat Investigation Overview.

  • You must properly configure Cloud App Security and Apex Central before being able to correlate email message information.

    For more information, see Enabling Correlation Events for Threat Investigations.

  • Email correlation in Cloud App Security requires the following:

    • Additional licensing for Trend Micro Cloud App Security on your Customer Licensing Portal account.

    • Additional licensing for Apex One™ as a Service: Endpoint Sensor on your Customer Licensing Portal account.


To use all Cloud App Security features besides email correlation, register Cloud App Security to the on-premises version of Apex Central.

For more information about the on-premises version of Apex Central, see