Defining Blocked Application Criteria

Application Control provides the ability to define criteria that specifically block certain applications from executing. You can define block criteria to ensure that Application Control always blocks certain applications or you can create "Assessment" criteria to monitor the applications that users access.

  1. Go to Policies > Policy Resources > Application Control Criteria.

    The Application Control Criteria screen appears.

  2. Click Add Criteria and select Block.

    The Block Criteria Settings screen appears.

  3. Type a unique Name for the criteria.
  4. To create a monitoring rule, select Enable assessment mode.

    Application Control logs all applications that match the assessment criteria but takes no further action. Application Control allows the applications to execute normally.

  5. Select the Match method used to identify applications and configure required settings.



    Application Reputation List

    Allows you to apply the criteria to applications that Trend Micro has tested and assigned a security score for

    For more information, see Application Reputation List.

    File paths

    Allows you to apply the criteria to any application installed in the specified location

    For more information, see File Paths.


    Allows you to apply the criteria to applications based on certificate validity and certificate attributes

    For more information, see Certificates.

    Hash values

    Allows you to apply the criteria to applications based on SHA-1 or SHA-256 hash values

    For more information, see Hash Values.

    Gray Software List

    Allows you to include applications to the criteria that Trend Micro has tested and found to be potentially harmful

    The Gray Software List is a subset of the Application Reputation List and contains applications that may be malicious if not used properly. Trend Micro recommends blocking or monitoring applications in the Gray Software List to ensure that your network remains secure.

  6. Click Save.