Modifying a Policy

Administrators can modify policy targets and settings as necessary. The root account owner can modify every policy in the list, while other account owners can only modify the policies they created. After a policy is modified, Apex Central deploys the policy to the targets.


Each managed product provides different policy settings that you can configure and deploy to policy targets. You can find a complete list of supported managed products and the policy settings for each in the Apex Central as a Service Widget and Policy Management Guide.

You can download a PDF version of the guide, or view the guide online, using the following link:

For a parent policy for the Apex One agent, if you modified the targets and settings for specific features, the modifications will apply to all child policies and deployed to the respective targets. Some settings on a parent policy support permissions, which control the changes allowed on child policies. Modifications to these parent policy permissions are also applied to child policies and deployed to targets. For a list of settings that support permissions, see Working with Parent Policy Settings.

For example:

  • If you changed the scan schedule permission from "Inherit from parent" to "Are customizable", administrators can start to customize the existing schedule on their child policies.

  • If you changed the Manual Scan file extensions permission from "Extend from parent" to "Inherit from parent", any file extensions that administrators added to child policies will be removed. In addition, administrators will no longer be able to add file extensions.

  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Management.

    The Policy Management screen appears.

  2. Select the type of product settings from the Product list.

    The screen refreshes to display policies created for the selected managed product.

  3. Click a policy name in the Policy column.

    The Edit Policy screen appears.

  4. Modify the policy.

    Modifying the filtering criteria in a filtered policy can affect target allocation. Apex Central may re-assign some targets to other filtered policies, or add additional targets to the current policy.

  5. Click Deploy.

    It may take some time for Apex Central to deploy the policy to the targets. Click Refresh on the Policy Management screen to update the status information in the policy list. If the status of the deployment remains pending after an extended period of time, there might be issues with the targets. Check if there is a connection between Apex Central and the targets. Also check if the targets are working properly.

    Apex Central enforces the policy settings on the targets every 24 hours.