Deleting a Policy

Administrators can remove a policy from the list. Apex Central then re-allocates the targets associated with the deleted policy if the targets match the filtering criteria of another policy. Those without a match become endpoints without policies, and they keep the settings defined by the deleted policy unless a managed product administrator modifies the settings.

Apex Central only allows policy creators to delete their own policies. However, the root account can delete every policy in the list.

It is not possible to delete an Apex One Agent parent policy with settings inherited by an existing child policy.

  1. Go to Policies > Policy Management.

    The Policy Management screen appears.

  2. Select the type of product settings from the Product list.

    The screen refreshes to display policies created for the selected managed product.

  3. Select the policy to delete.
  4. Click Delete.

    A confirmation screen appears.

  5. Click OK.