What's New

Apex Central includes the following new features and enhancements:

Table 1. March 2021



Trend Micro Vision One migration

Migration of the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) features to Trend Micro Vision One related apps continues, providing a better user experience. EDR customers can single sign-on to the appropriate Trend Micro Vision One app for EDR features.

Apex One Telemetry for Mac agent

Enable the Apex One (Mac) Security Agent to collect and send the Security Agent process performance counter information to Trend Micro.

Vulnerability Protection

Add IP addresses to the Intrusion Prevention Rules Exceptions list to prevent trusted endpoints from being filtered by the Vulnerability Protection network driver.

Previous releases included the following features:

Table 2. December 2020



Apex One Welcome Center

Watch step-by-step video tutorials by visiting the Apex One Welcome Center link on the Apex Central Quick Start Guide or Help menu.

API update

Added a new external API to get all existing Apex One DLP Policy policy names and deployed agent lists.

Enhanced navigation for SSO

The Server Registration screen is now called Server Registration and allows users to SSO from an easier to find location (Directories > Product Servers).

Label system for policy deployment and asset management

Users can create "Labels" for specified endpoints or auto-label rules, and select the "Labels" as policy deployment targets or data sources for log queries and custom reports.

Policy layout

Apex One as a Service has permanently switched to the new policy UI layout.

Predictive Machine Learning - Process enhancement

The Contextual Intelligence Engine has implemented a filter pattern to reduce network traffic usage.

Single sign-on (SSO) support

Single sign-on (SSO) to Apex One as a Service from the Trend Micro XDR console.

Table 3. September 2020



Enhanced Web Reputation queries

The Apex One (Mac) Security Agent can send Web Reputation queries for URLs using the HTTPS protocol.

Root Cause Analysis results

Users can view related objects based on specific ratings on the Root Cause Analysis details panel.

Single sign-on (SSO) enhancement

Download the Apex Central service provider metadata XML file to integrate your identity provider (IdP) for authenticating Active Directory users using SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO).

Web installer

Use the web installer to check the compatibility of the target endpoints (including system requirements and conflicting applications) before automatically downloading and installing the Security Agent package from Trend Micro servers.