Affected Users

The Affected Users tab on the Security Threat screen allows you to view the users that a specific threat targeted across your network.

  • You can access the Affected Users tab from the User or Endpoint information screens by clicking a Security Threat name in the table.

    For more information, see Security Threats for Users or Security Threats on Endpoints.

  • You can also access the Affected Users tab from the Critical Threats dashboard widget in Threat detection view. Click the hyperlink for a specific threat detection to access the Affected Users tab and automatically start a Root Cause Analysis.

    For more information, see Critical Threats Widget.

  • Unique Affected Users Over Time: Provides a graphical representation of which users the threat affected and the time of the detection

    • Hover over a user icon to view all users affected by this specific threat and its detection history in your environment

      • Recently detected: The threat detection occurred during scanning

      • Previously undetected: The threat detection occurred during an impact analysis of log data

    • Change the displayed time interval by changing the Zoom value.

    • Change the end date by scrolling through the dates displayed under the graph.

  • Details: Provides more detailed information about the threats displayed on the Unique Affected Users Over Time graph