Viewing or Editing User Account Information

Use the My Account screen to view or change account information for your own user account or for a user account that you created.

For information about editing the user role assigned to a particular user account, see Editing a User Account.

  1. Go to Administration > Account Management > My Account.

    The My Account screen appears.

  2. Configure the following account information:



    Full name

    Type the full name of the user.


    This field is required.


    Type the password that the user provides to log on to the Apex Central web console.


    This field is required.

    Confirm password

    Type the same password provided in the Password field.


    This field is required.

    Email address

    Type the email address to which the user has notifications delivered.


    This field is required for Apex Central to send reports and event notifications by email and for Two-Factor Authentication.

    For more information about Two-Factor Authentication, see Enabling or Disabling Two-Factor Authentication.

    Telephone number

    Type the landline phone number to associate with the user account.

    Mobile phone number

    Type the cellular phone number to associate with the user account.

  3. Click Save to apply changes.