Editing Contact Groups

Use the Edit Group screen to create new contact groups for reports and event notifications.


You cannot edit the Name of an existing contact group.

  1. Go to Detections > Notifications > Contact Groups

    The Contact Groups screen appears.

  2. Click the Name of the contact group you want to edit.

    The Edit Group screen appears.

  3. Specify recipients for the contact group.
    • From the Available User Accounts list, select user accounts and click >.

      The selected user accounts appear in the Selected User Accounts list.


      You can also add users and groups from an integrated Active Directory structure.

      For more information, see Active Directory Integration.

    • In the Additional recipients field, type an email address and press ENTER.

      The newly added email address appears below the Additional recipients field.


      You can only add one email address at a time.

  4. Click Save.