Deployment Using System Center Configuration Manager 2012

  1. Download the assessment tool or forensic agent from the web console. See Downloading the Assessment Tool or Downloading the Forensic Agent.
  2. Save the MSI file on the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) server or copy the MSI file to a shared folder.
  3. Open the SCCM administrator console.
  4. Select Software Library.
  5. Under Application Management, right-click Applications and select Create Application.

  6. On the Create Application Wizard screen, do the following:
    1. On the General screen, select Automatically detect information ..., configure the following fields, and then click Next:
      • Type: Select Windows Installer (Native) from the drop-down list.
      • Location: Click Browse to select the MSI file.
      A Configuration Manager screen appears prompting you to import the file.
    2. Click Yes.
    3. On the Import Information screen, click Next.
    4. On the General Information screen, specify information about the assessment tool or forensic agent in the fields. Then, select Install for a system if resource is device, otherwise install for user from the Install behavior drop-down list and click Next.
    5. Click Next to create the application.
    6. When the application is created successfully, click Close.
  7. On the Applications screen, right-click the application you just created and select Deploy.
  8. On the Deploy Software Wizard screen, do the following:
    1. On the General screen, click Browse to select All Systems in the Collection, and then click Next.
    2. On the Content screen, click Add to select a distribution point, and then click Next.
    3. On the Deployment Settings screen, select Install from the Action drop-down list and Required from the Purpose drop-down list. Then, click Next.
    4. On the Scheduling screen, specify the deployment schedule, and then click Next.
    5. On the User Experience screen, select Hide in Software Center and all notifications from the User notifications drop-down list.
    6. On the Alerts screen, specify the alert settings, if required, and then click Next.
    7. On the Summary screen, click Next to start the deployment process.
    8. When the application has been deployed successfully, click Close.
  9. To check the number of devices on which the application was installed, click Deployments and select the application for the assessment tool or forensic agent.