Web Console Navigation

The web console consists of the following elements.




The web console banner contains:

  • Product logo and name

  • Name of the user currently logged on to the web console.

  • Log Off link: Click to end the current console session and return to the logon screen.

Main Menu Bar

The main menu bar contains several menu items that allow you to configure product settings or view reports. For some menu items, clicking the item opens the corresponding screen. For other menu items, submenu items appear when you click or mouseover the menu item. Clicking a submenu item opens the corresponding screen.

Context-sensitive Help

Use Help to find more information about the screen that is currently displayed.

The following table describes the main menu items in the web console.

Menu Item



View the latest scan results summary.

See Viewing Summary Information.


View scan results for each endpoint.

See Assessments.

Incident Response

Manage forensic tasks, configure forensic task settings, and download forensic agent for endpoint deployment.

See Incident Response.


Component Updates

Manually update assessment tool components and configure update settings.

See Component Updates Tab.

Scan Settings

Configure scan settings, suspicious object lists, and exceptions.

See Scan Settings Tab.

Endpoint Tagging

Import a CSV file containing endpoint tag information.

See Endpoint Tagging Tab.

SMTP Server

Configure the mail server for sending reports.

See SMTP Server Tab.

Proxy Server

Configure the proxy server for Internet connection.

See Proxy Server Tab.

Log Maintenance

Configure log purge setting.

See Log Maintenance Tab.


View current product license information, or activate your product or update your Activation Code.

See License Tab.