Features and Benefits

Advanced Threat Assessment Service provides the following features and benefits:

Feature or Benefit


Assessment tool for suspicious program scanning on endpoints

An executable file that administrators can deploy on endpoints to scan the system for potential malware or evidence of compromise. The assessment tool runs in the background and does not modify any settings or files on the endpoints. After a scan is complete, the assessment tool generates and sends scan reports to the Advanced Threat Assessment Service server.

Sample file collection

Advanced Threat Assessment Service can collect samples of suspicious files detected on endpoints and include the sample files in scan reports for additional analysis and evaluation.

User-defined suspicious objects list and exceptions

Administrators can define scan exceptions and add objects they consider suspicious.

Endpoint tag mapping

For easy endpoint identification, Advanced Threat Assessment Service supports endpoint tagging by matching tag information from an imported CSV file with endpoints and displaying the tag information on the web console.

Send reports and report download

Using the web console, administrators can send selected scan reports to one or more email recipients or download scan reports to a local endpoint.