Advanced Information - Autorun Processes

Go to Advanced Information > Autonrun Processes to view the following information.

Click an entry in the table to view detailed information.



Autorun Entry

Displays the registry key location for the autorun process.


Displays the name of the detected file.


Displays the directory in which the detected file is located.


Displays the person or company that digitally signed the file.

Company Name

Displays the company that published the file.


Displays additional information about the file.

You can do the following tasks on this screen.



Filter entries by application type.

Select an option from the Type drop-down list and click Filter.

Search autorun entries and paths using a keyword.

Enter text in the text field and click Filter. The screen displays entries with a field that contains the specified text.

Display entries not related to Trend Micro or Microsoft applications.

Click Advanced and select Hide entries for Trend Micro or Microsoft applications; then, click Apply and Filter.