Configure user roles to grant app permissions and scope to Trend Vision One user accounts when the user roles are assigned to a user account.Trend Vision One has built-in permissions for predefined roles and you can also create custom user roles.

Follow these steps to create custom user roles or try and use the predefined roles.


  1. Go to AdministrationUser Roles.
  2. Add or edit a custom user role:
    • To add a new custom user role, click + Add Role.
    • To edit a custom user role, select the custom user role and click the Edit icon.
      To view only custom user roles, select Role Type:Custom. You cannot add or edit a predefined role.
    The Custom Role Setting panel opens.
  3. On the General information tab, specify the role name and description.
  4. On the Permissions tab, select permissions to grant to the role.
    Some apps require selecting the Read-Only or Full Access permission before selecting other permissions.
    If only some permissions are selected for a capability or function, the selected permission changes to Partial Access.
  5. On the Scope tab, select the custom scope for each Trend Vision One app.
  6. Click Save.