Protect Against Web Threats - Part II


Enabling Protection Against Web Threats

  1. On the main console, click the Settings button.
  2. Select Internet & Email Controls and then Web Threats.
  3. Select the Block potentially dangerous websites checkbox.
  4. Under Protection Strength, select Normal. This setting blocks websites that have characteristics associated with online fraud, or that show signs of transmitting viruses and spyware. This setting also blocks unrated sites that might pose a threat.
  5. Click OK.

Verify that your protection works

Open a web browser and go to A warning will block the website and announce that it poses a security risk.


Although recognized as a threat, this website actually poses no risk, so you can use it safely for testing purposes.

Learn how to protect yourself from web threats

  • Stop clicking links in email messages. Rather than clicking a link sent to you, type the website address into your web browser yourself.

  • Beware of poorly-worded email messages that implore you to check a commercial or financial account online.