Interpret the Security Report - Part II


Accessing the Security Report

  1. On the main console, click the Security Report button.
  2. Identify the most common threat by looking at the chart under Threat Types.
  3. Click a specific threat type to view the log for that type of threat.
Once you see what threats have been found and when, think back to what you did with your computer at those times. You can, for example, check your browser's history to see which websites you visited.

Performing Further Analysis

  1. Click View detailed logs to see full lists of all the threats found and what was done in response.
  2. From the list next to View, select the type of threat most commonly found.
  3. Click the action taken against any threat on the list that appears to see additional details about it, including when it was found.

    For web threats, you can also see the address of the website involved. For viruses or spyware, you can see where it was found on your computer and when.