Scan Results


How to find this log:

Scan Results > Details > Resolved threats:/Not yet resolved:/Cookies deleted:

After performing a scan, you can check the Details screen to see the name and status of all threats, both unresolved and resolved.

Not Yet Resolved

For Not Yet Resolved, you might see either one of these results under Response:



Restart required

You must restart the computer to finish removing all remnants of the threat.

Access denied

The scan did not have full "read/write" access to where the threat was found (such as a CD-ROM or network drive).

To deal with any unresolved threats found, click the status and follow the instructions shown.

Resolved Threats

For Resolved Threats, you might see either one of these results under Status:




A threat was removed from a file.


A file with an unremovable threat or a suspected spyware program was deleted.