System Tuner

How to find this tool:
Main Console > PC/Mobile > System Tuner

Not all versions of Trend Micro security software include this feature.

System Tuner optimizes your computer's performance and helps protect your privacy on the Internet. Before making any changes, System Tuner also backs up your system settings.

Performing a Tune-up

By default, System Tuner will recover disk space, clean up the system registry, and remove web browser cookies and history entries. It can also switch off unused startup programs or remove chat histories and other records generated during normal use of your computer to help protect your privacy.

Add or remove marks from the checkboxes to customize what System Tuner will change. Click the description for each checkbox to customize the settings for that option.

When ready to tune up the computer, click Perform Tune-up.

At the beginning of each tune-up, System Tuner backs up your system settings using Windows System Restore. Switching off System Restore will not prevent a tune-up. However, you cannot undo the changes made without System Restore.

System Tuner can automatically tune up your computer once a month. Click Scheduled Tune-ups to customize the adjustments that it will make.

Undoing a Tune-up

You cannot completely undo all of the changes made by the System Tuner. For example, you cannot restore deleted files, cookies, or browser history entries. However, you can recover your former registry entries, environment variables, and autostart settings.

You cannot get your old system settings back if the System Tuner does not successfully complete the tune-up.

Just follow the simple directions below to reverse any changes made by the System Tuner.

  1. Open System Tuner and click the Go back to a previous restore point link.
  2. Select a restore point from the list and click Next.
  3. Click Restore Now, and then OK when asked to confirm your decision.

If for any reason you cannot go back to a restore point using System Tuner, you can instead try using Windows System Restore, a Microsoft Windows feature that can preserve a record of all your operating system settings at any specific moment.

To restore on Windows XP:

  1. Open Windows System Restore by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
  2. Click Next.
  3. The dates in bold contain restore points. Start with the latest date to locate the most recent Before System Tuner Took Action restore point.
  4. Select the Before System Tuner Took Action restore point and then click Next.
  5. Confirm the restoration details and click Next.

To restore on Windows Vistaâ„¢ or Windows 7:

  1. Type RESTORE in the Start menu search box and press Enter.
  2. Click System Restore.
  3. If given the option, select Choose a different restore point and click Next, or simply click Next.
  4. Select the Before System Tuner Took Action restore point and then click Next.
  5. Confirm the restoration details and click Next.

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