Facebook Privacy Scanner

How to find this tool:
Main Console > Privacy > Facebook Privacy Scanner

Because Facebook makes sharing information about yourself with the world very easy, you might share more than you would like. The Facebook Privacy Scanner checks your settings for privacy risks, and can help you ensure that your personal information stays personal.

Follow the steps below to check your Facebook privacy settings:

  1. Double-click the the Trend Micro system tray icon to open the Main Console.
  2. Select the Privacy tab and click Facebook Privacy Scanner.
  3. In the window that opens, click the Check My Facebook Privacy Settings link.

    You must sign into Facebook if you have not done that yet.

  4. On the Facebook Privacy Settings page, click Check My Privacy.
  5. Icons will appear on the screen to indicate settings that you might want to change to make your Facebook information more private. You can move your mouse cursor over any icon to see more information about the privacy concern. Change the settings as you see fit.

    For specific recommendations on how to change the setting, click Edit Setting.


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