Anti-Spam Toolbar Spam Email Filter

How to find this setting:
Your Email Software > Trend Micro > Settings > Spam Filter tab

Not all versions of Trend Micro security software include this feature.

Use the Spam Filter tab to configure your protection against spam messages sent to supported email software. Messages identified as spam get moved into the Spam Mail folder automatically.

Adjust the slider under Spam Email Filter Strength to control the detection rate.

Strength Description
High Enforces the strictest spam identification rules, with most spam messages identified correctly. At this level of sensitivity, some legitimate email messages may get incorrectly tagged as spam.
Medium Strikes an effective balance between security and accuracy, so Medium is the default setting.
Low Enforces much less strict spam identification rules, and may allow unidentified spam messages to reach your inbox. At this level of sensitivity, very few legitimate email messages will get misidentified as spam.

To help control spam even more effectively, mark the checkbox under Trend Micro Online Filtering Service. This feature compares anonymous data in the mail you receive with an online database listing patterns found in known spam messages.

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