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Available only in select versions of Trend Micro security software.

The Trend Micro Vault helps keep your sensitive files secure. You can easily block casual access to files in the vault, or seal the vault completely if your computer is lost or stolen.

The Trend Micro Vault requires a password to open files inside. It regularly checks online to find out if you have reported the computer as lost or stolen. If that happens, the Trend Micro Vault automatically seals shut, blocking access to everything inside, even if someone has the correct password.

Setting Up the Trend Micro Vault

To start using the Trend Micro Vault, just click the Tools button on the main console, and then select Trend Micro Vault. If you have not already done so, you must choose a password and specify an email address that should receive your password if you forget it. The Trend Micro Vault icon will then appear on your desktop.

Using the Trend Micro Vault

To start protecting files, drag them to the Trend Micro Vault icon on the Windows desktop. Dragging a file or folder into the vault will move it there, rather than just copying it, even if you hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the file.

To open the vault, just double-click the icon.

Note: When you drag a file or folder out of the vault, a backup copy of the file remains in the vault.

By keeping sensitive files inside the Trend Micro Vault, you can prevent others from opening them if your computer is lost or stolen.

Unlocking the Vault

To unlock the Trend Micro Vault, right-click the desktop icon and select Unlock Vault, and then provide your password.

As a protective measure, the Trend Micro Vault regularly checks online if the computer has been reported lost or stolen. Once you access the Report Lost service, the vault seals automatically.

Sealing the Vault

If your computer is lost or stolen, seal the vault immediately using the Report Lost service. To access the service, you need the email address and the password defined when setting up the Trend Micro Vault. Nobody can open a sealed vault unless you report the computer as found.

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