Protection Against Viruses and Spyware

How to find this setting:

Protection Settings > Viruses & Spyware Controls

Keep your computer protected

Your security software analyzes basic information about every file that you open, save, or download. For threats like viruses, it attempts to remove the threat from the infected file. If unable to remove the threat, it deletes the infected file along with the threat.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Scan for threats when opening, saving, or downloading files checkbox to detect and eliminate security threats automatically.

Stay informed when something important happens

Important warnings appear when your security software deals with a threat.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Display a warning after detecting viruses, spyware, or suspicious behavior checkbox to make sure you see these messages.

Schedule automatic scans

Some threats may remain hidden or dormant on the computer for a long time before they act. Your security software can find and stop such threats before they start to cause trouble.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Conduct a scheduled scan of the computer checkbox to check your files and settings for hidden threats.

Use the lists under the checkbox to select when the scan should begin. Choose a time when you would normally not use the computer very much after switching it on, like lunchtime on a Friday.

Maximize your protection

Your security software can not only search for threats in files and settings, but also check for suspicious behavior on your computer.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Check if programs try to make unauthorized changes to system settings that could threaten your security  checkbox to block suspicious changes. Such changes can result in Web browser hijackings, unwanted but unremovable Web browser toolbars, or reduced computer performance, among other problems.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Prevent programs on portable drives from launching automatically checkbox to block programs that try to start running without your permission when you plug a USB drive into the computer. Flash memory or other portable USB drives rarely include certain kinds of programs that launch automatically, so they usually represent a threat if found.

If you have strong concerns about your security, then you can take even stronger measures against threats.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Check compressed files, such as ZIP files, during real-time scans  checkbox to check files reduced in size through data compression techniques. Such files commonly end with the ZIP or RAR extension and require a specific program to "unpack," "unzip," or "decompress" the contents.

Marked Checkbox Mark the Automatically delete files that show any signs of a threat checkbox to get rid any file that might cause trouble. This aggressive response could remove some harmless files along with the unsafe ones, so consider using this protection only when receiving files or installing programs that seem risky.

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