Configuring Proxy Settings

Many businesses and schools connect you to the Internet through a "proxy server," a computer that accelerates or filters communications between you and the Internet. Your home computer probably does not use a proxy server, but Trend Micro SafeSync can automatically detect the proxy server addresses of a home network or Internet Service Provider.

If you use a proxy server to access the Internet, and Internet Explorer does not store the correct proxy server settings, then you must enter the proxy server's name or IP address and port number yourself. Contact the network administrator of your school or office to obtain the correct proxy server information.

To configure the proxy settings:

  1. Sign into Trend Micro SafeSync.
  2. Right-click the Trend Micro SafeSync system tray icon and select Settings.
  3. In the next window that opens, click the Proxy tab.
  4. Type the proxy server information into the appropriate fields.
  5. Click OK.