Pay Guard


How to find this tool:

Main Console > Privacy > Pay Guard

Not all versions of Trend Micro security software include this feature.

Trend Micro Pay Guard helps you protect your financial transactions while online banking or shopping on your default browser. Pay Guard currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Opening Pay Guard

To open a Pay Guard browser window:

  • On your browser, click the Trend Micro Toolbar icon and select Open in Pay Guard.

  • On the main console, click Privacy and click Configure next to Pay Guard to open its settings page. On the settings page, click the Open a new browser window in Pay Guard link.

Protected Website List

The Ask every time before opening banking or shopping websites in Pay Guard setting makes Pay Guard display a pop-up window every time you open a banking or shopping website. You need to click the Open in Pay Guard button to let Pay Guard protect the website. You can simplify the process by adding banking or shopping websites you often use to the Protected Website List. Pay Guard will automatically protect these websites when you open them in your browser.

To add a website address to the Protected Website List, click Add and type the website address. Click OK to save your changes.