Mute Mode


How to find this tool:

Main Console > Device > Mute Mode

Not all versions of Trend Micro security software include this feature.

Trend Micro Mute Mode temporarily stops non-critical notifications from interrupting you while you are busy doing important work or gaming. By default, it turns on automatically when your application runs in full-screen mode, and turns off again once you exit full-screen. You can use Start Automatic Mute Mode while in full-screen mode to change this setting. You can also turn on Mute Mode manually via the system tray menu or by selecting Start Manual Mute Mode from now for n hours on the main console.

While Mute Mode is on, threat detection pop-ups and scheduled scans are delayed but your device is still fully protected against threats.

By default, Mute Mode automatically turns off after 2 hours, but you can select to turn it off after 1 to 24 hours to best suit your needs. You can also select Disable Windows Update during Mute Mode to stop Windows from updating while in Mute Mode. We do not recommend disabling updated for a long time, as this may expose your system to security threats.

If you would like to always terminate certain programs when Mute Mode is on, click + Add to select programs from the list or browse for programs to add. You can remove programs from the Terminate Program List at any time.