Cloud Storage Scanner FAQ


How to find this tool:

Main Console > Data > Cloud Storage Scanner

Can I scan all of my files on OneDrive?

The Cloud Storage Scanner can only check the following types of files:

  • Microsoft Office files

  • Adobe Acrobat PDFs

  • Program files

  • Files under 10MB

Why do I have unresolved threats?

The Cloud Storage Scanner must be able to read files in order to scan them for threats. After finding a threat, it needs to have permission to move the file to a special "Quarantine" folder to keep you safe from accidentally opening them.

When the Cloud Storage Scanner cannot resolve or scan a file, it places the file in the Not yet resolved or Unable to scan results.

There are several reasons why the Cloud Storage Scanner may be unable to move or scan a file:

  • The file becomes locked by OneDrive, possibly because it is open in another program

  • The file contents change in the middle of a scan

  • The Cloud Storage Scanner previously found a threat in a file with the same name and already moved it to the "Quarantine" folder

  • A problem occurred after the Cloud Storage Scanner started scanning the file

Most of the time, you can simply scan your OneDrive again to have the Cloud Storage Scanner resolve these threats.