Cloud Storage Scanner


How to find this tool:

Main Console > Data > Cloud Storage Scanner

The Cloud Storage Scanner helps find security threats in files stored on Microsoft OneDrive without slowing down your computer.

This feature sends temporary copies of your online files to Trend Micro for scanning, and then isolates any risky originals containing hidden threats. Trend Micro deletes the extra copies after every scan.

You can check the scan's progress and results at any time, then get a report by email as soon as the results come in. Because everything happens online, you can even shut down your computer before the scan has finished.

Get Started

  • To start using the Cloud Storage Scanner, click the Data tab on the main console and click the Open button next to Cloud Storage Scanner.
  • You will be asked to sign into your OneDrive, and then allow the Cloud Storage Scanner to access your files and information.

Scan your OneDrive

Once you have signed in, simply click the Start Scan button at the bottom of the page to start an online scan.

Depending on how many files you have, it might take a long time for the scan to finish. Feel free to close the page and check back later. Trend Micro will continue scanning your files online. If you want Trend Micro to email you the results, select Send the online scan results to my Microsoft Live ID account.

The second time you want to start a scan, the Cloud Storage Scanner skips previously scanned files to maximize the speed of the scan.

Check your OneDrive scan results

To see your scan results, all you have to do is open Internet Security and go back to the Cloud Storage Scanner.

To see more details, click the numbers next to Threats resolved, Not yet resolved, and Unable to scan.