Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the update button go? How do I get new security updates?

Technological advancements included in this software ensure that you never need to click an  Update  button. Your security software constantly checks online with Trend Micro to identify and stop new threats. Uninterrupted access to the very latest protection makes downloading new updates a thing of the past.

How can I find my lost serial number?

Sign into your Trend Micro account: Your account contains your serial number for this security software.


If you purchased your software from Best Buy and did not set up a Trend Micro account, please call 1-888-BEST-BUY and ask for Subscription Services.

How do I renew or upgrade the software?

Clear instructions will automatically appear when the time comes to renew or upgrade your software.

What makes a file uncleanable?

A computer virus adds additional code to the original contents of an infected file. Cleaning a file involves removing the virus code from the file, leaving the original file intact. By the time they are found, some threats have already modified the original content of the infected file. In such cases, restoring the original file becomes impossible.