Web Threats


How to find this setting:

Main Console > Settings > Internet & Email Controls > Web Threats

Trend Micro maintains a database of risky websites that have a history of transmitting malicious software or supporting online fraud. Follow the directions below to protect yourself from unsafe sites.

Select Block potentially dangerous websites to protect against threats on the Internet automatically.

Choose one of the three levels of protection against web threats:

Protection Strength



Prevents you from opening sites that pose even a slight risk of transmitting viruses and spyware. This setting also blocks harmless sites that might have been hijacked in the past.


Blocks websites that have characteristics associated with online fraud, or that show signs of transmitting viruses and spyware.


Only blocks websites verified as dangerous. These sites can transmit viruses and spyware or actively support online fraud.

Select Display the Trend Micro Toolbar on supported web browsers to make the Trend Micro Toolbar start checking for security risks in websites that you might want to open. The toolbar can also automatically rate the safety of links listed in online search results.

Select Block websites with untrusted certificates to stop your browser from opening websites containing certificates that Trend Micro cannot verify. Blocking these websites helps keep you safe from people who may be trying to intercept your private information.

Select Prevent Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome from running malicious scripts on infected websites to block dangerous software injected by hackers into legitimate websites.


Marking this check box will install an Add-On for Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. Disabling Add-Ons within Internet Explorer will stop this protection from working.