Scheduled Scans


How to find this setting:

Main Console > Settings > Security & Tuneup Controls > Scheduled Scans

Some threats may remain hidden or dormant on the computer for a long time before they act. Your security software can find and stop such threats before they start to cause trouble.

Select Conduct a scheduled scan of the computer to make your security software run a scan for hidden threats once a week or once a month. Use the dropdown lists under the checkbox to choose exactly when the scan should begin. You can trust Trend Micro to run a Quick scan of the computer at the right time without getting in your way by choosing Smart schedule.

However, feel free to Set a specific schedule instead, and then use the dropdown lists under the checkbox to select exactly when the scan should begin.

Tip: When scheduling a scan, choose a time when you would probably have the computer switched on, but not in use. Friday at noon might be convenient, for example.

After setting the schedule, you must also decide which kind of scan you prefer.

Scan Type


Quick scan

Checks operating system files and other key locations where malicious software tends to hide. It pays careful attention to programs that have characteristics associated with known threats, like the ability to launch automatically. This scan generally finishes fairly quickly, especially if you have a powerful computer.

Full scan

Checks all files in all folders on all drives connected directly to your computer, apart from network drives. Although it takes longer, this scan is very thorough.


The security software will run a Quick Scan by default if you do not make a choice.