Network Settings


How to find this setting:

Main Console > Settings > Other Settings > Network Settings

If your computer connects to the Internet through a proxy server, you can specify the proxy server settings here.

Select Use a proxy server to connect to the Internet and configure the settings.



Use the proxy settings saved on your computer

If you can successfully open websites with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (or do not know your proxy server settings), choose this option.

Enter the necessary proxy server settings

If you know your proxy server settings, choose this option and enter the required information.

Use an automatic configuration script

If your proxy server uses a script or Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file, paste the configuration script location or URL in the field (such as http://FQDN/proxy.pac).

Select Reduce data usage in metered networks to reduce the amount of bandwidth used by your security software when connected to mobile networks. Activating this setting can help you save money if the mobile network charges according to how much data you transfer.


This setting applies only to computers running Microsoft Windows 8.