Report Details

These logs listed below appear when you click See more details or See more details about your protection in the Security Report. You can take a look at how you have been protected in detail by selecting the type of data you want to see.

Log Type


Last Scan

Shows detailed results of the most recent scan, and what was done in response to the threats found


Shows the viruses, worms, and similar threats found, and the actions taken against them


Shows suspected spyware programs found, and the actions taken against them

Browser Cookies

Shows security threats found among your web browser cookies, and the actions taken against them

Web Threats

Shows the address (URL) of each website that has been blocked because it could pose a security risk


Shows which components of the program have been updated recently

Unauthorized Changes

Shows the files, resources, and processes involved in attempts to make unusual changes to the computer settings (such attempts often indicate the presence of malicious software)

Data Theft Prevention

Shows the categories of items of protected information that have been intercepted

Startup Protection

Shows Windows drivers found to pose a risk to your security on computers running Microsoft Windows 8


Shows the source and destination of online threats found, identified by the IP address (every device connected to a network has an IP address)

Folder Shield

Shows the programs stopped to prevent them from accessing files protected by Folder Shield

Exploit Protection

Shows the programs stopped to prevent attackers from taking advantage of security weaknesses

Parental Controls

Shows the addresses of websites blocked by Parental Controls

Regain Disk Space

Shows the size of files removed to regain disk space

Clean Privacy Data

Shows the size of files removed to improve your privacy


Shows suspected ransomware programs and websites found, and the actions taken against them

Secure Erase

Shows the files deleted by Quick Erase or Permanent Erase

Wi-Fi Advisor

Shows access points (wireless networks) recognized as risky or dangerous

You must activate some features (like Parental Controls) before seeing any reports or data from them.