Anti-Spam Toolbar Advanced Settings


How to find this setting:

Your Email Software > Trend Micro > Settings > Advanced

Not all versions of Trend Micro security software include this feature.

Messages identified as spam get moved automatically into the "Spam Mail" folder of your email program.

Select the check box under Notifications to make the Trend Micro icon in the bottom right corner of your screen change whenever a new message goes into the "Spam Mail" folder.

Select the check box under Spam Mail Folder to transfer messages periodically from the "Spam Mail" folder into the "Deleted Items" folder. Use the field directly below the check box to set the schedule for these transfers.

Click Move Filtered Spam Now to immediately transfer messages from the "Spam Mail" folder into the "Deleted Items" folder. This setting applies only to messages moved into the folder automatically. Messages that you drag into the folder remain there until you delete them yourself.

Select the check box under Deleted Items Folder to automatically purge any filtered spam messages already transferred into the "Deleted Items" folder when the mail program closes.