Master Password

Change your Master Password, or change when DirectPass asks for your Master Password.

Changing Your Master Password

  1. Click Change your Master Password.
  2. Type your current Master Password and then click OK.
  3. Type your desired Master Password, and then confirm it in the space below.
  4. Provide a hint that will help you remember your Master Password, and click Next.

If you change your Master Password, you will need to manually update each device by first providing your old Master Password.

Updating Your Master Password on Multiple Device

  1. Provide your old Master Password to unlock DirectPass.
  2. Sync your device.
    • With Auto Sync on (the default setting), the device will soon sync by itself.
    • With Auto Sync off, tap Sync Now (on Android devices) or drag the screen down (on iOS devices).
  3. When prompted, type your new Master Password.
When your new Master Password works, then you have finished the making the update.

Master Password Requirements

  • Your password must have between 8 and 20 characters.

  • You must use a combination of at least two kinds of characters:

    • Letters (A-Z, a-z)

    • Numbers (0-9)

    • Symbols (?_!@#*-+/$%^&()={}[]\|"'?<>.,~`)

  • DirectPass recognizes the difference between upper case and lower case letters.

  • Your password may not include the following characters:

    • Umlaut (Ä, ä, and others) or Asian language characters (such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese characters)

    • Shortcut keys, such as Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V

Ask for My Master Password  

You can choose how often DirectPass will ask for your Master Password. This provides additional protection if you step away from your computer.

You will also need to provide your Master Password in these situations:

  • The first time the computer starts or after restarting

  • The computer locks up and then unlocks

  • The screensaver activates