Master Password Settings

Change your Master Password and choose when DirectPass prompts you for your Master Password.

Change You Master Password

Because your Master Password safeguards access to all of your encrypted notes and passwords, changing your Master Password on one device will not instantly change it everywhere automatically. This safety precaution prevents a stranger from locking you out of DirectPass if you lose your phone. Whenever you change your Master Password, you must re-sync each device where you have installed DirectPass.

See how DirectPass secures your data.

Updating Your Master Password on Multiple Device

  1. Provide your old Master Password to unlock DirectPass.
  2. Sync your device.
    • With Auto Sync on (the default setting), the device will soon sync by itself.
    • With Auto Sync off, tap Sync Now (on Android devices) or drag the screen down (on iOS devices).
  3. When prompted, type your new Master Password.
When your new Master Password works, then you have finished the making the update.

Security Level


Find this setting in Settings > Master Password > Security Level.

Change when DirectPass asks for your Master Password.
You must provide your Master Password when you use the app.
You only need to provide your Master Password when launching the app for the first time.