Account & Subscription

Make changes to your Trend Micro account or update your subscription information.

Account Settings (iPhone and Android Phones)


Find this setting in Settings > Account.

  • Expires shows the date that your current subscription will end

  • Buy Now/Renew Now lets you buy or renew your subscription

  • Enter Activation Code allows you to update your account if you already purchased a subscription

  • Unlink Account resets DirectPass and removes all DirectPass data from your device

Subscription Settings (iPad and Android Tablets)


Find this setting in Settings > Subscription.

Subscription shows your account and when it expires (paid version only).

Renew Now (Paid Version)

Making a purchase just adds on more time to your current subscription, so feel free to tap here anytime.

Buy Now (Free Version)

The free version limits you to five account passwords and five notes. To get more, tap here and make a purchase.

Enter Activation Code

If you already have an Activation Code to upgrade or extend your subscription, provide it here.

Unlink Account

Unlinking your Trend Micro account will remove all DirectPass data from your device.