Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to popular questions about DirectPass.

What are the key features of DirectPass

Trend Micro DirectPass offers the following security features:

  • A Master Password controls all your other passwords

  • Your profile fills out forms automatically

  • Password generator creates strong, random passwords

  • Secure notes get protection from your Master Password

  • Secure browser for banking and other financial website

  • Keystroke encryption for protection against keylogging spyware

Where can I get DirectPass?

You can get DirectPass for most computers and mobile devices by visiting this website:

DirectPass may also come with your version of Trend Micro Titanium. To see if DirectPass is included, open the main console, click the Data tab, and look for DirectPass. You can also sign into your Trend Micro account to check if your subscription includes DirectPass.

How many devices can I install DirectPass on?

For both the free and paid versions, you can install DirectPass on any number of supported computers or devices (such as mobilephones or tablets).

DirectPass supports all of the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8

  • Google Android 2.1 or higher

  • iOS 3.x or higher

How do I save my password?

DirectPass will ask to save your website credentials for quick access whenever you sign into a website.

When asked if you want to save your password for a given site, just click Save. The next time you visit that site, DirectPass will fill in your credentials automatically.

If you do not want DirectPass to ask for confirmation before signing you into a website, mark the Never ask to sign into websites checkbox.

How do I open the secure browser?

For extra protection, the Secure Browser included in DirectPass opens automatically whenever you visit online banking or other financial websites.

Why did DirectPass lock?

To protect your data, DirectPass locks automatically if anyone provides the wrong Master Password too many times in a row.

Once DirectPass has locked, you must wait 5 minutes before providing your Master Password.