Master Password

Your Master Password is the only password you need to remember. DirectPass uses it to secure all your saved passwords, profile information, and notes. When you want to sign into a website, DirectPass does all the work—once you provide your Master Password.

Master Password Requirements

  • Your password must have between 8 and 20 characters.

  • You must use a combination of at least two kinds of characters:

    • Letters (A-Z, a-z)

    • Numbers (0-9)

    • Symbols (?_!@#*-+/$%^&()={}[]\|"'?<>.,~`)

  • DirectPass recognizes the difference between upper case and lower case letters.

  • Your password may not include the following characters:

    • Umlaut (Ä, ä, and others) or Asian language characters (such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese characters)

    • Shortcut keys, such as Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V