Import Passwords (Windows Only)

If Direct Pass detects that you have passwords saved in your web browsers, it will prompt you to import them. You can also import them yourself.

Importing with the Main Console

If DirectPass cannot import from all your web browsers:

  1. Close the web browser with the passwords you want to import.
  2. Open the DirectPass main console using the desktop icon.
  3. Under Settings > Data Controls > Import, choose Web Browser and follow the instructions.

    Some browsers offer password protection. If you have protected your browser passwords with a password, you will have to remove the password protection before DirectPass can import them.

Importing with Your Web Browser

  1. Click the DirectPass browser icon, and choose Import.
  2. Select Remove passwords from browsers after import if you want to delete your passwords from your web browsers after importing them into DirectPass.
  3. Click Start.
  4. When a confirmation message appears, click OK to close the window.

    Some browsers may prevent you from importing passwords until you close the browser.