Secure Browser


This features is only available in the Windows version of DirectPass.

Secure Browser is a web browser designed specifically for online banking and other financial transactions. It opens automatically when you visit these types of websites.

Security Features

Secure HTTP

Like regular web browsers, Secure Browser uses HTTPS. However, because HTTPS only secures the connection between your computer and your bank, Secure Browser includes additional security features.

Hardened System

By disabling any unnecessary browser add-ons or plug-ins, Secure Browser eliminates ways that your data could leak out.

Keystroke Encryption

By encrypting what you type, Secure Browser hides your confidential information from other parts of your computer system to block potential snooping by other software.

Process Validation

Secure Browser prevents unknown programs from accessing your web browser or monitoring data being sent though your computer.

Warning Messages

If Secure Browser cannot prevent an unknown process or DLL (dynamic-link library) from affecting your Secure Browser, a Suspicious Activity warning will appear. If that happens, you should run a full virus scan right away by visiting this website: