Working with Your Profile

Provide information for your profile so that you can quickly fill out online forms when making online purchases or signing up for services.

Your profile can store all sorts of helpful personal information:

  • Email address

  • Billing address

  • Phone numbers

  • Credit card details

Strong encryption protects your profile information just like your passwords, so you can safely store sensitive information without worry.

Creating Your Profile

Select the Profile tab on the main console and click Create a Profile.
You can fill out four information sections:
  1. Personal

  2. Contact

  3. Address

  4. Credit Card

The information you put in the text boxes for each section will be saved as soon as you click outside any box.

Using Your Profile

When you reach a webpage that requires you to fill out a form, just click in the text field you want to modify. Click the message Click here to auto fill to fill out the available form fields.

If you add or change information on the web form, DirectPass will ask if you want to update your profile.

HTTP Security Risk

For your protection, Direct Pass will not allow you to submit credit card information over an unsecure HTTP connection.