Working with Passwords

The password list stores all of your website credentials. You can use your passwords like regular bookmarks and sign in automatically.

Saving Passwords

DirectPass will ask to save your website credentials for quick access whenever you sign into a website.

When asked if you want to save your password for a given site, just click Save. The next time you visit that site, DirectPass will fill in your credentials automatically.

If you do not want DirectPass to ask for confirmation before signing you into a website, mark the Never ask to sign into websites checkbox.

Using Passwords

To use a password, just click the account of the website you want to visit, and DirectPass will sign you in automatically. If you do not see the password list, click the DirectPass icon on your web browser's toolbar, and provide your Master Password if asked for it.

Updating a Password

If you changed your credentials for a website and want to update DirectPass, just sign into the website again. DirectPass will automatically make the change for you.

Organizing Passwords

DirectPass saves your passwords in the order that you created them. To change the order, just drag an account to where you want it on the list.

Adding a Second Website Account

If you have more than one account for a website, you can save those credentials too:

  1. Sign out of the website and then return to the sign-in page for the site.
  2. When DirectPass asks if you want to sign in again, choose Cancel to avoid signing in with the current account.
  3. Type in the other credentials yourself.
  4. When prompted to save the new account password, make sure to provide a different name for the account, so that you can easily tell them apart.
The next time you go to the website, DirectPass will ask which account you want to use for signing in. Just pick the preferred account from the dropdown list.

Editing Accounts Manually

If you prefer to manage your accounts more directly, you can also edit the individual values saved with the password and modify the parameters.