Scan Your Computer - Part I

Why scan your computer?

Trend Micro security software can keep your computer protected in "real-time," so you do not need to start a scan to remove malicious software. However, if your computer performs poorly due to a possible infection, you can still run a scan at any time.

You can choose from three types of scans:

Scan Type


Quick Scan

Scans only the places where threats commonly hide.

Full Scan

Scans the entire computer and external drives, but not network drives.

Custom Scan

Scans everything in the folders that you select.

How Threats Are Handled

Scan Options

For "on-demand" or scheduled scans, you have three scanning options:

Scan Option


Smart Scan

This kind of scan checks only the files most likely to contain malicious software. It will usually finish more quickly than a full scan, and can generally find the same malicious software.

Custom Scan

This kind of scan checks specific files or the contents of folders on your Mac that you choose.

Full Scan

This kind of scan checks every file on your Mac for malicious software.