Contact Trend Micro

Visit the Trend Micro website at:

Before Contacting Trend Micro

  • Try to find the answer to your question in the help system.

  • Visit the Technical Support website to find the latest information about Trend Micro software and services, as well as answers to previously asked questions:

Getting Technical Support

You can open a technical support case here:

If you would rather speak with a technical support engineer, please click the link below to find the telephone number for your region:

Whether calling or writing, you can help Trend Micro solve your problem as quickly as possible by providing the following information:

  • The name of your Trend Micro software or service

  • The serial number of your software

  • The version number of your software

  • The exact text of the error message, if any

  • A brief explanation of what you were doing when the problem occurred (please mention any steps that could reproduce the problem)