Web Threat Protection

Use this feature to protect yourself from websites that transmit malicious software or support online scams and fraud.



Detect Web Threats

Mark this checkbox to make Antivirus for Mac block unsafe websites. Switching on or switching off the Detect Web Threats switch on the Overview screen will also add or remove the mark in this checkbox, and vice versa.

When enabled, this feature checks the reputation of any website that you try to open. Based on that information and the setting you have chosen for the slider under the checkbox, Antivirus for Mac will either allow you to open or block the website.

Protection Strength

A description of each level will appear as you move the slider to HighNormal, or Low.

Trend Micro recommends the Normal setting for regular day-to-day use of the Internet. You might want to choose High when young children use the computer.

Enable Toolbar on Web Browsers

Mark this checkbox to enable the Trend Micro Toolbar. Click Advanced Settings... to access the settings for Rate links on web pages and Rate links on mouseover.

Trusted Websites...

Click this button to specify websites that Antivirus for Mac should never block.

Blocked Websites...

Click this button to specify websites that Antivirus for Mac should always block.


The Trusted Websites and Blocked Websites lists can each hold a maximum of 500 addresses. Putting a website on either list will allow or block all pages of that website.

Accessing Web Threat Protection Settings

From the web threat protection window, you can make Antivirus for Mac detect or stop detecting unsafe websites, adjust the strength of this protection, allow access to specific websites, or block specific websites.

To open the web threat protection settings:

  1. Click the Antivirus for Mac icon near the top right corner of your screen, and then select Open Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac...
  2. Click Web on the left side of the window that opens.
  3. Click Web Threat Protection at the top of the window.